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Assembling Your Video Footage

So you’ve got some footage and need to create a fantastic finished video. We’re here to help. There are numerous ways to go about starting a video project, and several steps to take to make that process easier. No matter what software you use, each of these concepts will get you thinking and working like an editor. Demonstrations will primarily be on Adobe Premiere Pro and will also include assistance for Davinci Resolve.

What We Will Cover In The 1 and a Half Hour Class:

  • Organizing, Importing, and Getting Footage Ready
  • Choosing Proper Sequence Settings
  • Basic Types of Cuts, Fades, and Transitions
  • Adding Effects, Text, and Color Grading
  • Exporting Your Project and its Desired Settings

Cost $40.00 plus Eventbrite online processing fee

Instructor - Logan Killam

Assembling Your Video Footage