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Shooting the Milky Way - Hands On Workshop

This event has two parts, an instructional class portion at the Camera Company location on Odana Road and the shooting part on the following Saturday at Indian Lake County Park.

The instructional part of the workshop will be an in-depth presentation on shooting and editing the milky way from 6:30 -7:30PM at the Westside location.. We will give tips on what ISO to use, lenses, f-stops and shutter speeds will all be explained as pertaining to this subject. The object is to have everyone ready to get great pictures right at the start. You should be prepared to use manual exposure and manual focus.

The shooting experience will take place at Indian Lake Park located at 8183 WI. 19.

We will officially meet at the park at 6:30pm and will shoot until early Sunday morning.

You may arrive a little early if you like but please be advised that the park is closed to the public during these hours. We will be in the park under a Special Permit to occupy the park during the hours of this event.

You will need your camera, lens, extra battery and memory cards, and a tripod. A tripod is a must have! If you have a remote shutter release you will want to bring that along. We also suggest that you bring a flashlight with a red night vision light. These red flashlights do not cause your eyes to contract.  

We suggest you bring a lawn chair and your favorite mosquito repellent. You might also want to have a couple bottles of water or whatever you like to drink as long as it is not alcohol which is not allowed by the park permit.

The restrooms will be open for our use.

This event is limited to 20 attendees.

Instructor - Charlie Kruschek

The cost for this two session event is $99 plus Eventbrite fees

Shooting the Milky Way - Hands On Workshop