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Capturing Lightning - Online Class

As someone who has been chasing storms since he was a kid, one of my favorite phenomena is lightning. Brilliant flashes of electricity light up the sky and offer a unique opportunity to capture light in just mere seconds. In this class, you will learn not just the basics of photographing lightning, but some of my personal favorite strategies, as well as tips to assure your safety.

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Charlie Kruschek

I’ve been a nature fanatic since I first picked up a camera, 6 years ago. During the spring and summer months, I travel the country chasing tornadoes, supercells, lightning storms, and anything Mother Nature has to offer. Outside of storm chasing, I am obsessed with the natural world around (and above) us. I lived in Iceland photographing waterfalls and the auroras, and I’ve traveled the United States photographing some of this country’s most beautiful landscapes. I’ve been featured in multiple art communities across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and am continuing my pursuits of making my passion for landscape photography my full-time career.‍

Capturing Lightning - Online Class