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Upcoming Eastside Classes
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Intro to Adobe Lightroom

In this streamlined two-part class, we will walk you through an entire Lightroom workflow from import to export. We’ll cover the essentials of organizing and importing photos in part one, and in-depth editing and exporting in part two. Both sessions are packed with only the most useful info, laid out in practical terms.
It’s strongly recommended that you bring your laptop, with Lightroom installed.

Key topics

• How to import and organize images using keywords and ratings
• Basic editing including crop, exposure adjustment, white balance and color enhancement
• Advanced editing techniques including cloning & healing, adjustment brush, and graduated adjustments
• Exporting photos as slide shows, files to print, and uploading to social media

This is a 2-part, 5-hour course. Cost - $90.00

Intro to Adobe Lightroom