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The Camera Company | Madison, WI
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Upcoming Eastside Classes
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Video Capture Basic - online session

What We Will Cover In The 2 Hour Class:

  • The Differences Between Photo and Video
  • Where To Get Started In Your Camera
  • Proper Settings
  • What You Need To Consider Before Recording: Lenses, Lighting, Movement, and Focus
  • Microphones and Sound

Instructor - Logan Killam

After graduating from UW Madison last spring, I am happy to be the newest camera fanatic at the Camera Company. I have been doing photography and videography for several years locally and across state lines. I have an intrinsic connection with documenting and protecting nature, with sights set on achieving a sustainable future. When it comes to live concerts and festivals I also get really excited, but will photograph just about anything. Between diving deep underwater and flying my drone sky high, I love gaining incredible new perspectives and exploring the world.

Cost $50.00 plus Eventbrite online processing fee

Video Capture Basic - online session