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Understanding Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture)

This 2-hour in person class will give you a solid understand of ISO, shutter and aperture and how they work together to give you accurate exposure and give you the artistic look of the image.

* this class and the Camera Basics class will give you a solid foundation on photography.

Key topics

  • What is a stop of light?
  • Controlling the movement of your subject with the shutter
  • How the aperture affects the depth of field and what appears to be in focus
  • Using the ISO to balance the shutter and aperture and achieve your image.
  • How to use metering modes to get a well exposed image
  • Understanding Histograms and how to use it to fine tune your exposure

Cost $50.00, Plus Eventbrite online processing fees


Ed. Grindle

Since studying fine arts at UW-Madison, photography has been a cornerstone of my life. I’ve had my work published both domestically and internationally and have been shooting professionally for over 40 years. I enjoy close-up, portrait, landscape and any aspect of photography that is in front of me. I have a professional certification of online education and take any opportunity I can to teach others about the joys of photography.

Understanding Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture)