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What is a Geared Head and why do I want one?
What is a Geared Head and why do I want one?

Something I wanted for a long time was a geared head.

Until now there was something I did not like about one version or another.

I recently picked up the Benro GD3WH 3-Way Geared Head.

This type of head permits the very deliberate adjustment of composition. Geared heads are the argument ender for landscapes, architectural, macro, and subjects like the moon when using a long lens.

Geared Heads are not suited for sports or any type of fast action photography.

You can make quick and great adjustment by turning the knobs that are star shaped. Then, using the round knob you can make micrometer adjustment. This allows very fine adjustments to be made to composition. When shooting the moon I love this thing. I get my moon in the viewfinder with the lens zoomed back to 100mm. Once I have the moon in the center I zoom in to the 400mm setting. Oh, I am using a 100-400 lens. Anyway, when I zoom in I still have the moon right in the center.

While I am making my exposures I can make the very fine adjustments to the head as the moon moves in the viewfinder. It works great owing to the head moving ever so slightly when turning the adjustment knobs.

The Benro uses the Arca Swiss Quick Release plate and that I really like.

Constructed of magnesium the head is light and strong. Coming in at 1.9 lbs. it will hold up to 13 lbs. The use of high-carbon steel and bronze for the mechanics insures long life and smooth operation.