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Camera Repairs

What to do with a broken camera

Check the Manufacturer’s Website:  Camera manufacturers will sometimes issue ‘service advisories,’ which are formal statements outlining a particular issue for certain cameras.  If your camera falls under one of these advisories, it will be repaired at no charge.  Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for return and repair.

Find a Specialist:  One thing we camera owners never want to encounter is a broken or malfunctioning camera. The Camera Company offers you a place to bring your camera to get the problem diagnosed and repaired. We can take care of some of these problems locally or work as the middle man for you in dealing with repairs that must be sent out to the camera manufacturers themselves. You bring your camera to us, tell us what’s happening (or NOT happening), and we will try our best to diagnose and fix the problem right away. If that doesn’t work, we will have to take a little bit more of an invasive technique to get this problem fixed for you. Repair costs vary vastly based on the age of the camera, the severity of the issue and how many parts are required to make your camera as good as new. Serious repairs can cost anywhere between 25-50% of the original purchase price, so if this is the case, we will need to evaluate how to get you up and running again in a way that gives you the most for your money.

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Camera Repairs