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Introduction to Film Photography

This class is intended for people brand new or looking to get into film photography. You will learn what film is and why so many people are getting back into this medium. We will cover different film types, sizes, and the advantages/disadvantages of various films. From there we will cover the basics of what to look for in a camera as well as how to load a camera. The class will end with tips on shooting, proper storage and care of film and negatives, and pitfalls to avoid.

This class is at our East side location,

Instructor - Chris Nitz

Chris Nitz is known for his keen ability to inject whimsy into his work. His art reflects a return back to childhood while still embracing the beauty and grittiness of today. With a background in computer science he is also a talented problem solver, finding creative ways to grab just the right shot no matter the obstacles. You can see that in the depth and breadth of his work everything from expansive landscapes to intricate macro shots.

Cost $50.00 plus Eventbrite online processing fee

Introduction to Film Photography