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The Camera Company | Madison, WI
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The Camera Company History
The Camera Company History

The Camera Company Quick History

By Ward Lundgren

Over a hundred years ago, my grandfather, Arthur Lundgren, decided to open a camera store in Rockford, Illinois, called Lundgren Camera. When he passed away, my father, Gene Lundgren, took over the business. I started working in the Rockford store when I was around 9 years old. I would go on Saturdays and do odd jobs, such as stocking and shipping/receiving. Eventually, I worked my way up to salesman.

In 1977, my father Gene was approached by our Pentax rep, Ed Erickson, with an idea to open a camera store in Madison, Wisconsin, with him as a partner. We had been getting customers at Lundgren's in Rockford from Madison, so the idea made sense. Ed and my father asked me if I would move to Madison to help Ed set up the camera store, and I said yes. The Camera Company on the Square was born.

Throughout the years, we have expanded and opened other locations. Currently, we have two locations in Madison: one on the Eastside near East Towne Mall, and one on the Westside near West Towne Mall. We have created an online business that ships everywhere in the U.S. We offer complete photo lab services and products as well as a wide variety of classes and photo outings.

Ed's son, Tim Erickson, is now part-owner. We look forward to many more years serving the Madison area and beyond.